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Custom Exhuasts, Converter and Muffler Replacement, & Piping Repair in Oldsmar, Florida

We offer a variety of mufflers and tips to enhance your exhuast.

Custom Exhuasts

Whether you enjoy a quiet ride or one that turns heads, our exhuast systems are tailored to fit your individual needs. When a vehicle has undergone an engine exchange, it may be in need of a custom exhuast. We have our own pipe bender on site, with the ability to bend 11/2 inch to 3 inch tubing allowing us to bend pipes for optimum customization. Aluminized piping ensures a clean and shiny finish on your new exhuast.

We work on all makes and models, foreign and domestic, including antique and vintage vehicles.
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Muffler Replacement & Piping Repair

If we can replace only portions of your exhuast system, we can save you money.

We also replace catalytic converters with (OEM) original equipment manufacturers or aftermarket converters that filter bad emissions.
Ask us about how we can make your car easier on the environment.
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